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Top 5 indoor sleepover themes for autumn

It’s been a lovely summer, but sadly the hot weather is leaving us. The nights are drawing in and bell tent season is coming to an end.

But with the colder weather comes our indoor den parties - our favourite season! Providing your little ones with the sleepover party of their dreams is the reason we started the Dreamy Den Company, and we’ve loved every moment since starting in 2017.

Take a look at our top 5 sleepover themes for your children’s Autumn parties! We actually have more than 10 themes in all, so be sure to browse the full list of indoor sleepovers we can do.

Autumn Adventure - Where else could we possibly start?

This theme is actually very popular year-round and is certainly one of our favourites. With an outdoor forest theme, your little ones will love sitting around the cushion log-fire with their popcorn cones! Each den comes with a personalised eye mask for each child (for when they finally do go to sleep), and a fully made-up camp bed. So no uncomfortable sleeping bags!

Enchanted Forest - Forest themed with a little more PINK!

This one is an absolute favourite for lots of our customers. With a pretty pink backdrop, leafy bunting and cosy bedding with a beautiful theme, we can understand why! Like all of our sleepover dens, this party theme will come with personalised goodies, snacks and a super-comfy bed.

Mermaids - Sleeping on the seabed.

The one place where that Autumn doesn’t exist? Under the sea! Our beautiful mermaid-themed dens can be enjoyed all year-round and are very on-trend with the little ones right now. Decorated as though sitting at the bottom of the ocean, everywhere you look there is blue, shimmering and shells.

Adventurer - Bring the outdoors inside.

Keeping up the forest theme with this one, it’ll feel like a real camp-out when the kids snuggle up in their little adventurer tent. Forest and mountain bunting will be hung up between each den, as well as some sweet little fairy lights. They’ll even get a lantern and a chocolate marshmallow snack to enjoy next to the ‘log fire’!

Winter Wonderland - For those who can’t wait until Christmas.

Are you the type of family who has the decorations up in early November because you just can’t wait for Christmas? If so, this recommendation is made with you in mind! Whilst not exactly Christmas-themed, this Winter Wonderland is full of snowflakes, polar bears and some cosy water bottles! Very fitting for the cold weather.

If you’d like to learn more, enquire about or book any of our themed dens, then please click here for more.

If you’re interested in turning our passion into your own career opportunity, we are currently offering franchise opportunities across the South East! Be your own boss, work flexible hours around the family, and enjoy what you do! To learn more, please click here.

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